Three Unconventional But Practical Things To Make With Chinese Knotting Cord

Chinese knotting cord, otherwise known as nylon braided cord, is a thin, pliable material frequently used in necklaces, braces, and earrings. But despite what you might be thinking, Chinese knotting cord can also be used to make all sorts of practical tools. If you’re not sure what to make with any Chinese knotting cord you happen to have lying around, seriously consider making one of these three unconventional but surprisingly useful tools.

Key Chain Lanyard

While there’s a wide variety of lanyards for key chains out there that you can purchase, it’s not easy to find one at an acceptable price. If you make your own lanyard with Chinese knotting cord, you’ll both save a significant amount of money and have the ability to completely customize your key chain’s appearance.

While lanyards are relatively easy to make even for someone who’s inexperienced, there are still a few pitfalls that you need to avoid. For example, it’s important that you tie separate cords together at least two or three consecutive times to form the body of your lanyard. Two cords alone tied together will create a very flimsy body at risk of falling apart.

Bookmark Tassel

Since Chinese knotting cord is still pretty thick relative to paper, it doesn’t make much sense to use it for a bookmark body. But while laminated paper is definitely an excellent choice for the part of the bookmark actually separating book pages, a tassel made of Chinese knotting is practically essential in order to make the bookmark easy to find and remove.

The most common mistake people make when designing a bookmark tassel made out of Chinese knotting cord is wrapping too many individual cords together. This makes for a very thick tassel that will be unwieldy to use.

Basket Handle

While Chinese knotting cord isn’t sturdy enough to support a very large basket, smaller baskets used for things like storing craft supplies benefit much more from it. As long as the part of the basket that will connect to the handle is very strong, Chinese knotting cord is more than adequate to the task. In fact, its rough but pleasant texture relative to straw and plastic handles makes it the best handle material for a wide variety of situations.

When thinking about what you’re going to do with your spare Chinese knotting cord, it pays to think outside the box. Remember that just because a material is typically used for purely decorative objects doesn’t mean that it has no practical value. 

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Make Your Tiny NYC Apartment Feel Huge

Dream job, dream partner, dream city—but in New York City, “dream apartment” is hard to come by. Spaces are small, for one. But if you can move into a spot that will allow you to hang things and paint your own walls and ceiling, do not fret! All you need is for your space to feel large. And that doesn’t require much:


You’ve probably heard that neutral colors, especially white, will make a room feel bigger than it is. But that is not necessarily true—the key to making a space look spacious is color placement. With nothing distinct to look at, a room will feel boring; with interesting aspects all around, the eye will be drawn to things and the apartment will come to life.

It will be probably be too much to paint the walls of a big space very brightly, but a small space can take it. Instead of just white, color one or two walls of a room a bright yellow, green, or blue, for example. Visitors will consider the wall, instead of ignoring it because it serves no useful purpose.

You could also try painting one wall a dark shade, such as brown. This can make it seem like the wall is receding, which can also make the room look more open. This effect will be especially so if the adjacent walls contrast to it in brightness. For instance, imagine a dark brown wall surrounded by bright white. The space instantly becomes more interesting without being oppressive.

Don’t forget the ceiling. Again, a bright color can draw the eye and make the upper space seem to go on forever, and a dark color—perhaps a midnight sky—that contrasts with nearby light colors can give the feeling of endless space. For more information, contact a paint store like Koontz Hardware.


Hang mirrors all over the place, if you can! They will reflect light everywhere, which can make the apartment feel more inviting. But more importantly, they will make it seem like your rooms are more spacious. Mirrors would be especially effective in the following spots:

  1. Across the room from other mirrors. This will multiply the reflection.
  2. Across the room from windows. This will allow you to take advantage of the outside space on both sides of the room.
  3. In a hallway, facing the opening of a room. This way, when a person comes out of the room, they don’t have to feel like they are walking into a wall.

Try some of these tips out! You might find that you love staying inside your small apartment.

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